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Company info

  • Founded: Copenhagen, 2003
  • Founders: Peter Kruse and Morten Villekjær.
  • Offices: Copenhagen, Skanderborg, and London
  • Our people: 60+ employees. 20+ nationalities.
  • Our culture: Open-minded. Relaxed. Friendly. Team-spirited.
  • Ownership: Fully independent public limited company with an employee-owned share scheme.
  • Structure: Flat organisation. Limited bureaucracy.
  • Our subsidiaries: Heimdal A/S, Defendas A/S, and Agile Response Technologies A/S.
  • Our values: Be responsible. Be respectful. Be proactive. Be positive.
  • Our vision: To deliver effective cyber security solutions for the benefit of customers worldwide.
  • Our mission: To guarantee a return on our customers’ cyber security investments by minimising their exposure to cyber threats.
Financial stability
Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

Less than 3% of Denmark-based companies enjoy a triple-A credit rating. We’re one of them.

Our foundation stones

As well as actionable intelligence, we provide prevention, incident response and - for customers who need to optimise their internal security resources - 24/7 managed security services.

Trusted partner
A trusted adviser to law enforcement, government, business and media, our threat intelligence capabilities are acknowledged by Gartner Group (the IT advisory and insights firm).

Cyber security experts
Our team includes some of the brightest cyber security minds in Europe (if not the world).

We operate across both Europe and the Middle East, have product installations in more than 100 countries, and data centres located across all five continents.

Download the company brochure and learn more about CSIS

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Download the company brochure and learn more about CSIS