Minimise fraudulent payments

Email - your Achilles' Heel.

Email fraud attacks are an increasingly effective method for stealing money, gaining illegal access to data, or spreading malware. Criminals have identified email as an inherently insecure method of communication, where any changes to details or financial information are rarely double-checked.

How EFP works


EFP Benefits

  • Add an extra security layer to any existing email security product.
  • Detect fake invoices, even from compromised email accounts.
  • Monitor compromised emails from vendors, suppliers and internal accounts.
  • Rate every invoice for authenticity or indicators of compromise.
  • Detect advanced phishing and malware emails.
  • Continuously scan emails, including archived content and attachments.
  • Easy integration with payment control systems.
  • Rapid account and money transfer freezing.

Smart technology - human oversight

  • Integration to email cloud providers such as MS Office 365.
  • Easy implementation on Office 365 or client-side.
  • Software can run both server and client side.
  • Money transfer freezing.
  • Historical alerting.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation managed by 24/7 fraud security specialists.

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Email Fraud Protection


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