Public sector and healthcare

Cybersecurity expertise enables organisations
to create a safer society .


In their efforts to ensure the protection of their networks and data, the public and healthcare sectors face some of the most sophisticated actors across the threat landscape.

Healthcare is already ranked as one of the most targeted sectors, with criminals having infamously gained control of patient, financial and other critical health data, as well as demanding ransoms for re-establishing access to seized data.

The public sector, while slightly less threatened, is nevertheless becoming attractive to criminals. As rapid digitalisation improves efficiency and creates new services, so the sector inadvertently increases the attack surface upon which criminals can prey.

At CSIS, we have over 15 years’ experience helping organisations create a safer society through our broad and specialist cybersecurity services. Our comprehensive cybersecurity product portfolio is augmented by specialist services such as vulnerability research, penetration testing, incident response and reverse engineering.