Managed Detection and Response.

24/7 security event management,
actionable threat intelligence, and
integrated analytics


For organisations looking to improve real-time threat detection and incident response capabilities, it can often be a struggle to invest limited resources in the required people, processes and technology.

If you lack the resources to create your own 24/7 cybersecurity frameworkor if you have already invested in people and tools, but are looking for a partner to augment your capabilitiesour Managed Threat Detection and Response service represents an effective and affordable solution.

8 good reasons to boost your security with our MDR service

  • Get 24/7 full security coverage at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own internal framework.
  • Improve your threat detection, incident response and continuous-monitoring capabilities.
  • Gain immediate cybersecurity advice during incidents and scheduled security briefings.
  • Access advanced monitoring technologies covering known and unknown threats.
  • Have efficient incident triage performed by cybersecurity experts.
  • Access the right tools, platforms and security expertise.
  • Receive notifications only in case of real cyber threats.
  • Own a full audit trail, from detection to remediation.


  • Strengthen your existing IT security posture.
  • Acquire 24/7 monitoring and incident response capability.
  • Employ rapid and decisive responses to attacks.
  • Collate all security incidents into one system.

  • Enhance your visibility of malicious activity.
  • Release internal resources to where they create the most business value.
  • Meet compliance objectives (eg GDPR)
  • Significantly reduce infection time, along with the risk of theft, extortion and loss of data.


How it works


How it works



  • Monitoring
    Events from existing customer-owned technologies (eg a SIEM system) or from the CSIS technology stack is fed into a centralised incident management platform. This phase acts as an escalation point.
  • Pre-Screening
    Includes false-positive handling, pre-incident assessment, and “noise” reduction.
  • Analysis
    Data is collated to ensure incidents are detected with high fidelity, and that the right type of event and contextual data is available to cybersecurity analysts. The potential security incident is analysed and incident triage is performed by CSIS cybersecurity experts. The customer is alerted only in case of real cyber threats.
  • Manage (optional add-on)
    When a potential security incident is detected during pre-screening (and the customer has selected the Manage optional add-on), the case may be elevated to the CSIS Security Analytics Centre (SAC) for customer product adjustment.
  • Incident report
    If a potential security incident is detected, we provide rich information and targeted, action-oriented advice in an easy-to-understand report.
  • Incident Response (optional add-on)
    If a potential incident needs to be escalated (ie requiring on-site forensics expertise), our incident response team are armed with an advanced forensics toolbox, and are available 24/7 to investigate and remediate the problem.





CSIS Threat Intelligence Portal


CSIS - Threat intelligence portal



CSIS MDR customers get access to the CSIS Threat Intelligence Portal, a secure, web-based communication platform.

The portal includes a ticketing system, crimeware and malware databases, full incident audit trail, insight articles, statistics and much more.




CSIS Incident Response.


CSIS Incident Response. At your service, 24/7

Exceptional threat intelligence at your fingertips

Exceptional threat intelligence at your fingertips

Whatever the configuration, the core of our Managed Detection & Response service (MDR) is your 24/7 access to industry-leading threat intelligence and security expertise.

Our MDR continuously invokes threat intelligence by correlating data patterns and matching anomalies with past events, and allows analysts to pivot quickly from detection to investigation, and from review to incident response management.

Why choose CSIS?

  • Acknowledged by Gartner (Market Guides for MDR Services).
  • 15+ years’ cybersecurity experience.
  • Broad portfolio of integrated cybersecurity services.

  • Extensive security infrastructure expertise.
  • Sophisticated back-end technology.
  • Financial stability - highest Danish credit rating (Bisnode AAA).
  • Trusted advisors to law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Managed Detection & Response Boost your IT Security Posture.

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