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Drastically mitigate losses on your digital platforms


Getting a clear and immediate understanding of the threat landscape forms the pivot around which successful cyber risk management strategy revolves – a first class cybersecurity armoury underpinned by the quality and integration of relevant and timely threat intelligence.

Drastically mitigate losses on your digital platforms

Our comprehensive and integrated Threat Intelligence Services deliver a first-class threat overview, powerful customer protection, and vital response management by combining real-time transaction data analysis combined with actionable threat intelligence.

Since 2007, some of the world’s largest enterprise organisations have relied on our Threat Intelligence Services to optimise their ability to collate, analyse and apply threat intelligence to protect both their own and their customers’ assets.


We help protect


Preserve business continuity and mitigate losses on your digital platforms

A proven financial crime analytics solution

Big enough to matter, small enough to care

Credited by Gartner Group for our threat intelligence capabilities, we are a leading pure-play cybersecurity company providing cybersecurity coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A proven financial crime analytics solution

Particularly suited to medium and large organisations who need to augment their existing cyber security setup, CSIS Threat Intelligence Services is a proven financial crime analytics solution that provides best practice protection and drastically reduces reimbursement costs.




  • Drastically mitigate losses on your digital platforms
  • Maximise your threat overview
  • Preserve business continuity
  • Augment your existing security setup

  • Comply with an evolving regulatory environment
  • Fast and easy deployment with minimal start-up cost
  • Easy integration with most leading threat intelligence platforms
  • Optimise the deployment of your internal resources

3 good reasons to consider CSIS Threat Intelligence Services

1. Align

Apply a secure, vigilant, and resilient approach that is aligned to your cyber risk posture and programme.

2. Anticipate

Gain a broad understanding of attackers' motives and the ongoing ability to anticipate high-impact scenarios.

3. Mitigate

Significantly reduce the impact of cyberattacks. They may be all but inevitable, but the extent of their damage is not.

Reduce your risks   ▼

Business impacts of cyber attacks

  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Loss of customer and contract revenue
  • Devaluation of your brand name
  • Public relations and crisis management
  • Insurance premium increases
  • Legal fees and litigation
  • Customer breach notification
  • Operational disruption or destruction

Typical data targeted by cyber attacks

  • Pricing data
  • Transactional data
  • Benefits records
  • Finance documents
  • Invoices
  • Strategic plans & goals
  • Organisational charts
  • Employee resumes

Threat Intelligence Services Preserve business continuity

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Threat Intelligence Services


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