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Finansforbundet: Cyber-Crime (Vejle)

When:   November 13, 2019; 17.00-20.00

Where:  Best Western ToRVEhallerne
             Fiskergade 2
             7100 Vejle

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Homeland Security Conference 2018

When:    15. november 2018, 8.30-17.00

Where:   Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
             1780 København

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IT-Forum: IT Security

When:  29. november2018; kl. 14.00-16.00

Where: ETK EMS Skanderborg A/S
            Industrivej 45
            8660 Skanderborg

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Finansforbundet: Cyber-Crime (Taastrup)

When:  November 21, 2018; 17.00-20.00

Where: Quality Hotel
            Carl Gustavs Gade 1
            2630 Taastrup

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Finansforbundet: Cyber-Crime (Copenhagen)

When:   March 5, 2019; 17.00-20.00

Where:  Finansforbundet
            Applebys Plads 5
            1411 København K

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Finansforbundet: Cyber-Crime (Fredericia)

When:  March 12, 2019; 17.00-20.00

Where: Best Western Hotel Fredericia
            Vestre Ringvej 96
            7000 Fredericia

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CARO Workshop 2019

CSIS Security Group will be hosting next year's CARO Workshop to be held in Copenhagen 2019.

When:  May 22-24, 2019

Where: Scandic Kødbyen
            Skelbækgade 3A
            1717 Copenhagen

Participation is upon vetting.

More details to follow.

Meanwhile follow the event and updates on Twitter:

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Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference 2019

When:     May 29, 2019; 8.00-18.00

Location: DI - Dansk Industri (Industriens Hus)
                H. C. Andersens Boulevard 18
                1787 Copenhagen

Knowledge sharing, not sales pitches

The Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference has for 5 years been the premier cyber security event in north-western Europe driven by knowledge sharing (rather than vendors and their sales pitches).
Why attend?

  • Learn about cyber security's most important current issues
  • Meet and network with regional and international cyber security practitioners
  • 100% focus on knowledge sharing and original ideas drawn from real-world situations.