Protecting companies against business email compromise attacks.

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Twice as substantial

Email Fraud. The Numbers.

  • 100% Likelihood that the volume of BEC attacks will increase.
  • 80% Companies that have reported being targeted by BEC scams.
  • 50% Amount of all Internet crime losses generated by BEC.
  • <10% Chances of tracking or recovering funds following a BEC attack.
Twice as substantial

Email Fraud. The Impact.

A Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack leads to the immediate pain of lost funds and research shows that losses through Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) attacks are 2x more substantial than other BEC fraud.


Just the tip of the iceberg

However, direct losses are just the tip of the iceberg. Businesses will suffer additional financial and non-financial
damage through:

• Fines, penalties and litigation costs
• IT/ business crisis management and remediation
• Business interruption and loss of focus
• Damage to brand image and reputation
• Customer churn

Email Fraud Protection

Easy implementation

CSIS’s Email Fraud Protection solution is available as an application for Microsoft Office 365 and provides an added security layer to your existing email security and internal control systems. The software is installed directly on your Microsoft Office 365 instance, where it monitors and analyses all inbound, outbound and internal emails for indicators of fraud.

Unique FraudLogiq engine

Unique FraudLogiq engine

Unlike traditional email fraud solutions, EFP continuously monitors emails, reacting in real-time to fraud attempts. The software uses CSIS’s unique FRAUD LOGIQ engine to process data, determine a risk profile for individual emails and invoices and provide a recommended action. The software is built and maintained by our fraud specialists, in close collaboration with our customers, including international banks and finance professionals.

How EFP Works.

EFP is easy to install as a Microsoft Office 365 cloud app for the entire organisation. During setup, you can choose to protect all your organisation’s mailboxes, or you can individually enroll selected ones.


All inbound and outbound emails are monitored for financial content. Any emails with financial content are flagged and assessed for their risk level. Suspicious emails are detected, and selected employees can be alerted.
Non-suspicious emails are delivered and put on a watchlist for continuous monitoring for 7 days. A unique feature of EFP is that, during this time, the solution will provide an alert if any emails on the watchlist are flagged.


The solution integrates with various online banking providers and selected online payment control systems. Through these integrations, users will be prompted with alerts in a familiar language and a known environment and can take the necessary actions from there.


We provide 24/7 support which our customers can rely on for product support and expert advisory services.


EFP The Benefits.

  • Detect fake invoices, even from compromised email accounts.
  • Rate every invoice for authenticity or indicators of compromise.
  • Monitor compromised emails from vendors, suppliers and internal accounts.
  • Scan emails continuously, including archived content and attachments.
  • Integrate easily with payment control systems.
  • Get 24/7 support, including expert advisory services.

Demant & CSIS

"We worked with CSIS on an email forensics assignment that required millions of emails to be analysed in order to determine those of a malicious nature. Leveraging CSIS’s email forensics platform, the work was executed efficiently and accurately."

Rasmus Rasmussen

Vice President IT, I&O. I Demant A/S

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Email Fraud Protection


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