Simulated cyber attacks reveal how vulnerable you are, and where.



Our cyber security specialists are familiar with the latest methods used in targeted attacks, social engineering and malware.

They will use that know-how to target your company as hackers would, deploying a variety of attack types focused not only on your technology, but also your people.

Based on contemporary threat scenarios, each red teaming exercise is customised according to your organisation’s requirements.

We then present the results (detailed and executive summary) so that you and the Board have a clear and realistic view of your organisation’s most critical vulnerabilities.


Key features

  • Customised security sweep based on your organisation’s needs
  • Variety of contemporary attack types
  • Focus on technology, processes and people
  • Detailed report on technical impact and ease of exploitation


  • Evaluate and improve your cyber security at no additional cost
  • Get a clear and realistic view of your organisation’s most critical vulnerabilities
  • Identify areas where current investments should be adjusted
  • Get a list of recommended security patches

Conduct a Red Teaming Exercise in your organisation.

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