Superior internet protection technology.
Monitored by people.

Enhanced threat protection.

Delivered as SaaS, Secure DNS is a network-based, intelligence-driven internet traffic protection system updated with around 70,000 new malicious domains every day.

Fast and easy deployment

A small configuration change in the internet-facing DNS servers of your organisation is all that is needed. You retain your existing DNS infrastructure and avoid a painful rip-and-replace experience.

Secure DNS Benefits

  • Significantly raise your security level
  • Rapid deployment, with minimal impact on your IT setup
  • Protect your most vulnerable infrastructure
  • Minimise your administrative costs
  • Prevent revenue, intellectual property and productivity losses
  • Excellent protection/investment ratio
We now use Secure DNS to make that process a whole lot faster.

"It used to take days between knowledge
of a threat to actual protection against it. We now use Secure DNS to
make that process a whole lot faster."

Thomas Kaaber

IT Manager at Bang & Olufsen

The human touch.

All 3 Secure DNS subscription options include fast and reliable technical support from real threat intelligence professionals via email and/or telephone.

Choose the Secure DNS Managed option, and you will benefit directly from enhanced monitoring of your network security by analysts, including qualification of alarms for further escalation.

Sign up for a 30-day trial now, and get the most comprehensive phishing and malware intelligence available in a gateway product.



Global coverage via secure Anycast
network methodology

Secure DNS Actionable Intelligence

Secure DNS Actionable Intelligence

Add an extra layer of protection through strong, actionable intelligence in just 15 minutes. Instantly trace infections to specific users and points.

Key Features

  • Detect advanced malware in your network
  • Block malicious web content
  • Prevent data leakage if your network is infected

Your choice of 3 editions

Secure DNS options Basic Plus Managed
Detect & block web based threats · · ·
C&C callback blocker · · ·
Network based malware & APT detection · · ·
Data leakage prevention · · ·
Hosted service - no servers or client software · · ·
Supports all servers, desktops & mobile devices · · ·
Custom block and allow list · · ·
Basic statistics · · ·
Roaming client, includes CIRK scans (OPTIONAL ADD-ON) · · ·
Advanced statistics & forensics, with internal IP-addresses and hostnames · ·
Secure DNS in passive/IDS mode · ·
Customised block page (OPTIONAL) · ·
24/7 expert analysis & alert handling by CSIS MDR team ·
Access to CSIS Remote Incident Response Kit (CIRK) for rapid forensics during an incident ·

Smart technology - human oversight

  • Your threats and events monitored by real people
  • Technical support via email and phone for all customers
  • Updated 24/7 with exceptional threat intelligence
  • Subscription model, no initial investment needed
  • Fully hosted - no downtime, no service interruptions
  • No installation, re-configuration or server reboots required

Additional features

  • Designed for strict eDNS compliance
  • Web-based administration interface
  • Low-maintenance, streamlined and standards-based
  • Incidents categorised using the ITIL framework
  • Employee privacy protected (only malicious data logged in detail)
  • Automatically covers all computers and devices in your network

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Secure DNS


In-depth look at Secure DNS

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